Turnouts and Crossings Turnouts Preface Page: 300-01 Points Turnouts and crossings are the nodal points in the track network, in which share, cross and reconnect further. Always fast trains and high wheel loads can be the requirements to raise railway tracks and turnouts steady. With their years of experience, ThyssenKrupp Weichenbau GmbH – formerly Vereinigte Weichenbau GmbH (Bochum) is today a venture of ThyssenKrupp GfT Gleistechnik GmbH - in the service of safety and quality and thus paves the way stage for trouble-free rail transport. Knowledge, competency and a direct connection to the rail, took over more than a century to form this company. With an overarching product range for one-stop solutions, the diverse technological requirement of ThyssenKrupp Weichenbau is suitable. As a leading specialist, we design and manufacture worldwide the innovative high quality products in track and turnout construction as well as in tracking. ThyssenKrupp Weichenbau comes with CNC-controlled saw systems, shop board and milling machines. All materials used in the railway track and special materials, such as manganese and high-tensile rail steels can be processed with greatest accuracy and excellent surface quality. Heat treatments, particularly the parasitisation annealing of wear areas are executed on a computercontrolled continuous hardening system. Moreover owns a Bochum system of a modern electric welding machine. The successful implementation of the certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and the classification as Q1-supplier in the Deutsche Bahn AG is documented. Note We ask for your understanding that we, in this manual could only represent the most common types and geometries. We request you to inquire about all non-listed turnouts, crossings and special systems. Without scale/schematic diagram Date of issue 08/10